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Cityterminalen serves as a hub for the bus transportation system in Sweden. Buses to practically every large city and hundreds of smaller towns operate from here on a regular basis. The central location and easy access to connecting transport makes the terminal unique. Cityterminalen is a natural point of departure for your trip, regardless of whether you are going to Malmö or Haparanda.
Time Destination Gate Bus operator
  21:00 Arlanda Airport 2 Flygbussarna  
  21:00 Bukarest 7 Comati  
  21:00 Linköping 15 Flixbus  
  21:00 Copenhagen 7 Flixbus  
  21:00 Copenhagen 7 Flixbus  
  21:15 Arlanda Airport 2 Flygbussarna  
  21:30 Arlanda Airport 2 Flygbussarna  
  22:00 Arlanda Airport 2 Flygbussarna  
  22:35 Göteborg 17 Flixbus  
  22:40 Uppsala 1 Flixbus  
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Time Arriving from Gate Bus operator
  21:15 Oslo A1 Flixbus  
  21:30 Göteborg A4 Bus4You  
  22:20 Arlanda Ariport A1 Flixbus  
  22:30 Kalmar A1 Flixbus  
  22:35 Copenhagen A5 Flixbus  
  23:50 Uppsala A1 Flixbus  
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